Ed and Julie have both been so amazing in helping me achieve the best grades in both GCSEs and A levels! With A levels more recently, Ed always made sure I understood key concepts in maths regardless of how long it took me and  was able to help me get from a D in maths to an A for my final result which was amazing and allowed me to get a place at kings college London. If you’re looking for a maths tutor, I couldn’t recommend Ed and Julie enough as they not only helped me gain good results but also confidence with maths. I am going to miss being tutored by them both.


I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ed as a maths tutor. He understood my son from the get go and helped him massively with his confidence, making him believe he could do well. After missing much of year 10 in school due to Covid-19, the online zoom lessons were a godsend. We were thrilled when my son achieved and A in his GCSE and that is 100% down to Ed.
Lea and Alfie Tomlinson


Ed is a fantastic Maths teacher. We have seen a massive improvement in Luke`s understanding and also his confidence since he started working with Ed. I can`t recommend him highly enough. He works at a pace that your child is comfortable with but also pushes them slightly to establish their ability but encourage them to build on the foundations and stretch them too. Ed is a mine of information and has really established a good relationship with Luke in a short time period. Feel very happy with Luke`s progress. Thank you so much for your help and support we really appreciate it!


Julie has tutoured my daughter for GCSE and my son who is in Year 7 for the past two years. She is a fantastic teacher with great enthusiasm and mastery in her subject.
My daughter achieved A * in Maths for GCSE and it remains her favourite subject thanks to Julie.
My son got a Silver Award in 2018 Maths Challenge.
Julie has a wealth of experience teaching Maths, the patience and skills to make the subject enjoyable.
My children have thoroughly enjoyed learning with her and she remains my sons tutor.


Julie is a fantastic maths teacher, incorprating clear oration and a positive attitude with her knowledge of the new GCSE 9-1 specification and syllabus. She certainly brought out the best in my son who achieved a high grade 8, with his original level being a 7. I can not recommend her services enough.


Fantastic tutor, Ed gave my daughter the confidence she needed that took her to a gcse grade 9 taken 6 months early than the normal May/June exams! His patience and teaching skills are excellent


I Cannot rate Ed highly enough, if you are looking for a Maths tutor, don`t look any further! my boys actually look forward to their tutor time, they have become more confident in a very sort space of time


Julie was excellent! She was methodical, patient and was quick to identify areas to focus on. Leading up to the exams she helped break down revision topics and work around and in-between exam dates for that extra boost of clarity and confidence. Wonderful tutor, great result :-)


I had Julie as my maths tutor for 2 years and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor at all. I would never have got a 9 in Maths GCSE without her help. She’s supportive, hardworking and really helps you understand different mathematical concepts properly, in the right detail, and so, achieve higher grades. I am going to sincerely miss having her as my tutor. She is the first person I would recommend to help with Maths GCSE.


Ed has taught our son through zoom lessons for his maths GCSE .His final grade was an A having improved from his start grade of a C which was a fantastic result.
Ed adapted his approach to match the circumstances and gave clear bespoke support which improved our sons confidence and self esteem.
We would highly recommend him as a tutor.


Well it is GCSE results day and we have cried tears of happiness! Lucas struggled with maths and was predicted a grade 2 (grade E/F for us oldies). We contacted Ed only 9 months before his exam for help. He was honest and realistic and told us that as he was at a low level he may not get the required 4 but at least his tutoring would hold him in good stead for resits etc. Ed's approachable and patient style helped something click with Lucas. Yes he worked hard and did the work Ed set him (and marked in between lessons) as learning is a two way street. Today Lucas got a grade 5 (low B/C) in Maths... something we would never have expected last year. We thank Ed from the bottom of our hearts and couldn't recommend anyone more. Thank you so much Ed!

Victoria Eaton

Julie has truly been a huge help to my daughter. She is friendly, encouraging and is great at helping my daughter understand difficult maths topics thoroughly. I couldn`t have asked for a better maths tutor!


At the start of Y11 we noticed our daughter beginning to lose confidence in maths, whilst at a private school didn’t feel should have to seek a tutor but decided to try. Julie has made such a massive difference, giving such a better understanding, explaining in a different way and just the one to one was needed for confidence. Recently did mock and got a 7 grade so will be carrying on until after the main exams this summer Highly recommend and lovely lady too!


Edward is an excellent tutor and explains things very thoroughly and clearly. My daughter is progressing well and we are very pleased


I have to say that Ed has been fantastic. My son who is at gcse level has been underperforming in Maths and really didn`t understand the subject. Ed has made it clearer for him so much that we can already see improvememts after only a few sessions. Highly recommended


Julie has been tutoring my daughter for a year now and we couldn’t be happier! She has moved up a set in maths and really enjoys her sessions! She now has increased confidence in a subject that she always struggled with. Julie tailors sessions to cover any areas of difficulty and ensures tests are throughly prepared for. Julie knows just what is expected of students with the new maths GCSE and we will certainly be continuing with the sessions until the end of Year 11! Thank you...we feel that the tutoring is really helping and making the difference!


My daughter who is in year 10 has been having maths tuition with Julie for several months now. Within the first couple of months of tutoring, my daughter excelled in maths tests at school and she was moved up 2 sets in maths which was an incredible confidence boost for my daughter. Julie concentrates on studying a lot of algebra which is now heavily covered in the new gcse curriculum. 
My daughter really enjoys maths now and can break down the questions by simplifying them. 
I would recommend julie to anyone who is considering private tuition. My daughter feels comfortable and enjoys julie teaching her.


We were really pleased with Ed`s work with our son. He improved his expected result to a grade 7 in Maths in the new format. He was always on time and had an excellent way of teaching. His background in engineering made the principles of the subject easier to understand. We would definitely recommend him


Ed has proven to be of great assistance to my son`s confidence and understanding in Maths. He finds the way that Ed explains Maths easy to follow and enjoys the weekly one to one sessions, Ed is also there to contact if he has any questions inbetween lessons. We are very happy with his progress and the way Ed is preparing him for the new GCSE exam next year.


Julie is a fantastic tutor. My son learnt so much in 6 weeks and passed his entrance exam with flying colours, having failed it previously. Lovely lady with creative teaching skills which my son responded to brilliantly. Highly recommend.


Julie is very reliable and punctual. She has helped my son gain confidence and more understanding in Maths. His teacher has also noticed a big difference in his work at school. Would highly recommend.


Excellent tuition by Ed, my son has gone from hating maths and being afraid of it, to looking forward to his lessons with Ed and his grades are improving in school. The best investment I have made for my son, thank you Ed.


Ed is a really excellent tutor who has helped my daughter achieve a grade 6 in her Maths GCSE. He explained the topics clearly and helped to plug gaps in her knowledge and understanding. His teaching style and invaluable tips as an examiner helped to give her more confidence with her Maths and I have no hesitation in recommending him.